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Snikla enterprises


Equipment Repairs and Servicing

All makes and models of computers, fax machines, dot matrix as well as inkjet, laser and thermal printers and document shredders can be repaired and serviced at Snikla.


Inkjet Refilling

Certain inkjet cartridges can be refilled several times. Specially formulated ink is required to refill inkjet cartridges. The success of refilling is greatly dependant on the care that is taken when a cartridge is finished. Care must be taken not to leave the empty cartridge exposed as this may result in the tiny jets in the cartridge becoming clogged. At Snikla all cartridges that are refilled are test printed thoroughly before the customer is billed.


Dot Matrix Ribbon Respooling

This service involves the replacing of the worn ribbon fabric in spent dot matrix and cash register printer ribbons with new pre-inked nylon fabric. This service can save the customer as much as 40% off the cost of new ribbons.